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About Me

#throwback Just me in Kindergarden with my Rebels necklace. I was lost as a child. Didn't know what

Peyton Zeigler


Full Name: Peyton Amanda Zeigler

Nick name: Petie

Born: Pasadena, California

From: Albany, Oregon

High School: West Albany

Undergrad: University of Oregon

Grad School: Syracuse University

Sports: Volleyball, Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Track, Lacrosse

Activities: Choir, Theater

Organizations: Young Life, Oregon Pit Crew, Starbucks

The Full Story

I was born on a stormy April night in Pasadena, California. Both of my parents moved after they married in their home state of Oregon. Together we lived in small towns around Pasadena for about three years. We moved to Aurora, Colorado to live closer to my mom’s parents, who recently moved as well. After a year or so my parents separated. My father, who I call “Papa,” went back to Oregon. Unconventionally, they decided I should live with him and go to school in Oregon. For ten years I would visit my mom in Colorado during summers and winter breaks.

I grew up in Oregon, and I am a true Oregonian (and a little Californian/Coloradoan). Most of my life was spent in the Willamette Valley in Albany. It’s a small town with two high schools and only minutes away from Oregon State University in Corvallis. It’s a great place to raise kids, but a crappy place to grow up. There is not much to do, so I got involved in sports and choir. My mom graduated with a music degree and influenced my love of singing. I san every day, and even though I was good at it sports were my true passion. My dad was a coach of many sports. As his only child I traveled with him to almost everything. He was my first coach. I signed up for a sport each season. By the time I graduated high school I played in seven different sports.

My love of sports grew into local and professional teams. My dad got season tickets for Oregon football and men’s basketball every year through his jobs. He worked at a radio station doing play-by-play for high school football and basketball. Later he would quit to coach both. I saw and experienced some of the greatest games of my life growing up with Oregon sports. We would watch Red Sox and Steelers games on TV as much as we could. At one point in middle school, my dad said I could get a job in sports broadcasting. I thought it would be the coolest job, but never thought I actually could be in the industry. 

I graduated from West Albany High School and attended college at the University of Oregon. Oregon was my backup school, but it ended up being the best thing that happened to me. At Oregon I was able to pursue a degree in journalism, what my middle school self thought wasn’t possible. I was able to be the president of an organization I had admired as a kid (Oregon Pit Crew) and meet my best friends through it. When I applied to graduate school, I knew I wanted a program that focused on sports. I was wait-listed at Syracuse, but I knew this was where I wanted to go. I got my acceptance letter the day before my birthday.

Syracuse helped me perfect the skills I needed to be in broadcasting. My classes and professors were tough, but it made me so much better. I also made life-long friends (and hopefully colleagues) in all of the master's programs. The Broadcast and Digital Journalism program introduced me to many other careers I never thought I could do, like producing live shows and games, social media content, or digital media production. 

Now, I'm working for NFL Media in Culver City, CA as a Video Content Coordinator. I have learned so much already, and I'm excited for what the future will bring.

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