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The Future of the NBA

May 2018

The photo of Kathrine Switzer being pushed by men running along side her in the Boston Marathon seems like a relevant image with all the gains women have made in sports. Women like Beth Mowins, who was the first to call play-by-play for Monday Night Football. Or Jessica Mendoza, the first female analyst for Sunday Night Baseball, and Sarah Thomas, the first permanent female official in the NFL. . .


When I Met...

September 2017

It was an early January morning. I sat half-awake in the Portland airport waiting for a voice to say, “group C boarding.” There was a girl who looked my age across from me. She had cool shoes. They were olive Nikes with a long black swoosh sweeping along the side. Her shoes matched the olive undertones of her skin. Her dark brown hair fell around her shoulders while she picked through her phone. She was pretty. . .

Cheering for the home team

September 2017

I’m not really a soccer person. I don’t get it. It’s 90 minutes of cross country with a ball, contained on a 120-by-90-meter field. It’s not my first choice when I scroll through the sports channels on TV. I appreciate the skill, technique, and stamina needed to play, but ever since I peaked in the sport in second grade, I’ve moved on to playing and watching other things. I will watch big events like the World Cup or Olympic soccer to keep up with current events. . .


Battle Leads Orange Men over Iona

November 15, 2017


Eric Dungey looks to bounce back

July 31, 2017

Theaters Prepare For The Summer Of Sequels

June 7, 2018

Film Reel

Pulaha Roy: Changing the Game

July 19, 2017

Don't Sleep on the Pac-12

August 2, 2017

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